Laboratorio olfattivo - Perfume unique

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For the tenth fragrance of our Eau de Parfum collection, we decided to sail the Mediterranean to arrive on the island of Salina, a crumb of land from Trinacria, set in the Aeolian archipelago, surrounded by the sapphire blue of the sea. This island, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, was chosen as the ideal setting for the creation of a scent that smells of the sea, sun, sand, salt on the skin ... and freedom. Shells, starfish and hot sand instead of the usual notes used in perfumery, the olfactory pyramid of Salina is adorned with aquamarine reflections, savory accents and sunny shades. Foamy and aquatic, but also warm. Salty and, at the same time, sweet. Thin and enveloping. Following the evolution of Salina is like deciding to take a walk on a deserted beach, at the time of the day when the sun has not yet decided to set.

Laboratorio olfattivo SALINA Unique Perfume

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