Laboratorio olfattivo - Perfume unique

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Noblige is the contraction of noblesse oblige, it is the unusual witch. A cloud of citrus fruits that lights up, thanks to the conjunction of poudré notes and precious elements that blend into the floral and sophisticated heart: seeds of Ambretta, Iris and Lavanda with the ethereal Neroli. Elegance is accurate, whispered and not ostentatious. White, light, infinity. The search for a perfection that does not exist. All this is Noblige. An ethereal puff of air with dusty hints. The Lavandin, immaculate, harmoniously blends the top notes with the floral heart of Lavender, Iris and Neroli, supported by Ambretta seeds. A no-frills elegance, which radiates impetuously driven by the sensual notes of the fund. An unexpected thrill: the discreet charm of sensuality.

Laboratorio olfattivo NOBLIGE Unique Perfume

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