Is there hope for those with naturally small eyes and want to get a "Bambi-like" look? Of course yes, the eyes can be enlarged provided you know some secrets of make-up artists, skilled in creating incredible optical effects and remedying our defects. We asked Giovanni Pirri, make-up artist of the stars, for some advice. Which confirmed us: the request for bigger eyes - at Goldie Hawn, so to speak - is absolutely common. Here is everything you need to know about the subject.

Enlarge small eyes: "actresses and singers have always been obsessed by a deep gaze, what we in the industry call" Doll's Eyes ". Taking a step back in time and reaching the sixties and seventies, we discover that in those decades the techniques to enlarge the eyes were very academic: women of the show with big eyes, such as Raffaella Carrà, were rigged creating a dark and elongated tail on the outside of the eyes, often in combination with a stroke of white pencil inside the eye and in the outer corner of the eye ».

«Today, in combination with this 60s style technique, you opt for the timeless smokey eye, which with its shaded color games creates the illusion of very large eyes. In general, in fact, we know that creating dark around the eye, blending skillfully the color in the direction of the eyebrows, makes us lose the perception of the real size of the eye. If you choose more eyeshadows with a metallic and shimmering finish, thus able to reflect light, the appearance of larger eyes will be even more successful ".

Here's how to proceed step by step. Pirri explains: «create a dark line using a black pencil on the edge of the eye and along the ciliary line, and then lightly blend it. Get yourself now a palette of eyeshadows in dark and smoky tones (black / gray) and start from the darkest shade, applying it on the upper lash line and gradually blending it. Lighten the intensity of the color as you move away from the border, leaving room for medium and then light shades to disappear. Keep in mind the effect of the smoke: intense when it is born at the base of the fire, as it rises in the sky it acquires medium tones until it vanishes. Never without: ultra dark mascara, better if applied on eyelashes treated with the eyelash curler, for an immediate vamp effect. The tip in more: pass the mascara on both the upper and lower lash line ».

Hard time and do you have eyes marked by bags and dark circles? "Know that the smokey eye is very suitable because it camouflages signs of fatigue", explains Pirri. «In this case, however, before proceeding with the make-up it is essential to moisturize the eye contour area well, choosing decongestant and draining products in case of dark circles and bags. Undo the discoloration of the eyelet with the concealer and help yourself with an occh primer to minimize the ripples of the eyelid with a smoothing optical effect ».